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Venezuela is one of the most attractive tourist destinations of South America, a tropical country which offers great locations especially for nature tourism lovers.

Travelling to this country you cannot miss to visit these 5 best attractions of Venezuela.

Visit Venezuela: The Angel Falls

Visit Venezuela The angel falls
The Angel Falls

Visit Venezuela and did not visit the Angel Falls is like going to Romeand not visit the Coliseum. The Angel Falls  are located in the Canaima National Park, in the middle of the Amazon forest, and with its 980 meters is the highest waterfall in the world, but much less famous of the most popular Niagara Falls or Iguazu Falls. Perhaps because the Angel Falls must be conquered, reach it is tiring, a real adventure: you have to walk, navigate the river, walk again.

But when you finally reach to the mirador and admire the Angel Falls in all its majesty, the wonder and amazement make you forget all the effort made to get up there!

And it is from Canaima that you can do other walking tours that will leave you speechless, to discover the nature of this part of Venezuela.

In fact, you can go to visit the spectacular Cueva Kavac, a deep canyon crossed by a river where you can swim. Also you can go to the discovery of  Sapo Falls, where you have the opportunity to walk behind a waterfall: a unique experience! These are excursions not to be missed, only a little hard, in full contact with nature and with the communities of Indians who inhabit this area.

Visit Venezuela: Los Roques

Visit Venezuela: Los Roques
Los Roques

Los Roques is an archipelago of Venezuela and fully reflects the idea of the collective imagination of Caribbean beach: blue sea, deserted white beaches and coral reefs. Los Roques is an ideal place to relax, eat fresh seafood, practice water sports and a must if you visit Venezuela. Located near Caracas and accessible only by plane, these super exclusive beaches are among the most beautiful on the planet. Swimming with turtles, spotted eagle rays, lounging in crystal clear waters and sunbathe on white sand are some of the things you can do visit these beaches. Los Roques is certainly one of those places that leave you breathless. No doubt that has the most idyllic beaches in Venezuela. The only accommodations available are “Posadas” which offers all kind of services and lodgings.

Visit Venezuela: Isla Margarita

isla margarita
isla margarita

Margarita is the largest island of the Venezuela. It’s lively, with lots of cafes where you can drink cocktails (especially a great Margarita) and some clubs. Here you’ll find a lot of kind of beaches and a wide offer of hotels in Margarita. From deserted and isolated beaches, to the most touristic and crowded, which offer all kinds of activities such as snorkeling, jet skiing and diving. From Margarita you can make great day trips to the Caribbean island of El Coche, Cubagua or Frailes Islands for best snorkeling.

Margarita Island
Margarita Island

Visit Venezuela: La Gran Sabana

La Gran Sabana
La Gran Sabana

It ‘ a very charming part of Venezuela and is also part of the Canaima National Park. A long journey in a vast prairie made fascinating by the presence of tepuy, high mountains with a flat top holy for the Indians who live in these areas. The scenery is amazing, so much that these lands have been setting for the film “Jurassic Park”, and in some places only really miss the dinosaurs! The strange thing is that you are surrounded by a vast and flat savannah, but when you least expect it and walking along very bumpy paths, you will discover rivers, huge waterfalls or small lakes where you can swim. You will be so in touch with nature and with the indigenous communities which live in these areas, to lose the sense of time!

Indians at La Gran Sabana

Visit Venezuela: Mochima National Park

Visit Venezuela: mochima national park
mochima national park

An archipelago of islands located half an hour from the coast which offers beautiful beaches, clear waters, coral reefs which can be reached by swimming and you can also swim with dolphins if you are lucky. Mochima National Park is a quiet, relaxing, very economical destination of Venezuela. You sleep in simple posadas (with few amenities, hot water does not come here!) and with the fisherman’s boats you can reach the beautiful nearby beaches such as Playa Blanca and La Piscina (the names say it all!). Mochima in the Venezuelan Caribbean is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas for a sun and beach holiday of the country. The most beautiful beaches are only accessible by boat and ensure an unforgettable experience.

dolphins in mochima
dolphins in mochima

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