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Do you know that Dublin is just 20 minutes from the seafront? And it also hosts some of the most bizarre museums and funniest pubs of Europe? These are just some of the curiosities of the Irish capital. And it’s during summer season when Dublin gives the best of itself, even for those who have already visited the Irish capital. Between June and September, Dublin, in fact, spread a mix of energy, joy and Celtic flavor that distinguishes Ireland.

These are 7 excellent reasons to visit Dublin.

1 – Odd Museums of Dublin

Molly Malone, an icon of Dublin

Small and original, for children or for adults, Dublin offers plenty of visits to strange and amusing museums. Where to begin? The The Little Museum of Dublin has a signed album by U2 and a copy of the death mask of James Joyce. To see a huge collection of antique dolls and teddy bears you have to go to Dolls Hospital & Museum and stories and myths of Celtic culture are unveiled at the National Leprechaun Museum.

2 – Cheers: the best pubs of Dublin

Temple Bar, one of the most famous pubs of Dublin

In the past times in the pubs people used to meet writers, today you come across artists, rockers and lovers of dark beer, which flows like rivers in the city. It is not surprising this number: in Dublin there are more than 1000 pubs, from Victorian pubs unchanged over time as the Stags Head (1 Dame Court, Dublin), to those offering traditional Irish music every night as the O’ Donoghues Pub. For those who want a more chic and sophisticated bar, can choose between 37 Dawson Street or The Vintage Cocktail Bar, for lovers of fashion style.

3 – Seafarers Dubliners

Dollymount Strando Portmarnock
Dollymount Strando Portmarnock

Do you prefer a boat ride or a quiet kayak crossing in Dun Laoghaire? Do you want to try kitesurfing at Seapoint or a take a dip in the famous Forty Foot beach? Dublin is very close to the coast and the Dublin Bay offers plenty of opportunities to the sea lovers, including hiking with breathtaking views to the Hill of Howth in Dollymount Strando Portmarnock. The nearby beaches, just a few minutes from the city, are great.

4 – Walking tours in Dublin

Trinity College

Scary, original, linked to the pages of novels or poems: the literary and artistic tours in Dublin are several. Ingenious Ireland proposes Blood and Guts tour, a visit to the old leper colony in Dublin with the first hospital along the city walls; with the Literary Pub Crawl, starting from the pub Duke, you will go through the tiny streets near Trinity College in search of Joyce, Behan, Beckett and Yeats. Discover more here

5 – Bicycles, Segways and sailboats tours in Dublin

Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship

Two wheels but no petrol for those who choose the tour with the Dublin Bike to visit the capital in freedom. No need of cycling if you choose to ride the Glide Segway Tour and you can run around the Docklands or gliding along the river with the Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship, the huge sailing boat that is also a museum, to make a leap in the history of 150 years ago, when the ship was used by emigrants.

6 – Shopping in Dublin

Georges Street Arcade Dublin
Georges Street Arcade

Elegant, casual or vintage? In Dublin, the fashion is on the agenda. In the Irish capital are easy to find luxury brands and fashion boutiques, but also big malls with affordable prices clothes and great vintage clothing shops. Not to miss is The Georges Street Arcade a Victorian market with over 50 shops and stalls; The Gutter Bookshop where to find rare books at Temple Bar; The Ferocious Mingle Market is a treasure trove of gadgets of all Kinds.

7 – Hunting for romance and oddities in Dublin

Christ Church Cathedral dublin
Christ Church Cathedral

Did you ever see the mummies of a cat and a mouse? You can find it in the medieval crypt of Christ Church Cathedral, where is also preserved the heart of St Laurence O’Toole, the patron saint of the city. Before you leave the city do the classic stop of lovers: a visit to the Whitefriars Street Church, where you’ll find the relics of St. Valentine.

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