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Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day is the most commercialized holiday masked as a very important date to celebrate Love. Valentine’s Day is a holiday create to pressure people to show the world they care for someone via overpriced chocolate, red roses and overrated dinners.

But, what happen when you don’t have enough money to spare, can you still celebrate a fabulous Valentine’s day? Absolutely. In this post you can find some tips and useful ideas on how to get a fabulous Valentine’s Day on a tight budget. Check it out.

How To Get A Fabulous Valentine’s Day On A Tight Budget


For Romantic Couples:



Blindfold your significant other and surprise him or her by going to a beautiful spot where you can sit and relax. Why not try a sentimental spot? or a place with stunning views. Bring some homemade food and enjoy a romantic evening together. If you want to give a romantic gift, you can give him or her a piece of paper describing the activities, travels and all the experiences you have shared together.

For Travelers:


Experience a romantic getaway in a beautiful town. Forget about Paris or Venice and discover other locations that offer better prices and also will ensure memorable memories. Discover a winery or a brewery in local towns and learn more about these delicious drinks together.

For Gourmands:


Check on YouTube a delicious and wild recipe and prepare, together, your own romantic meal. Learning something new together is perfect for couples. This new experience will guarantee you fabulous experiences and memories. Lasting couples always enjoy sharing new experiences. Don’t forget the wine, there are many good wines for less than 10£. Avoid french wines, they are always more expensive than good Spanish or Italian wines.

For Movie lovers:


Thank God for Smart TV! Due to Modern technology, we don’t have to go to the movie theater to see the newest Hollywood movies. Nowadays you can watch new films on stream or rent DVDs. If you normally enjoy movie sessions with your partner, try to make this session better: sip a wine and prepare a delicious snack or try to watch foreigner films.

For Those who need a relaxing day:


Nowadays is not easy to have time to relax and leave all our worries behind. Take advantage of this Valentine’s day and turn your house into a spa. Light some candles, play slow music and give your partner a massage. If you have no idea how to give massages, you can always watch videos on YouTube and learn some techniques.

For athletes:


Enjoy an outdoor experience! The best part of go hiking into the woods is that is for free. Long hikes are always a fabulous adventure and you can always take breaks. Prepare snacks and enjoy a nice meal in the middle of the woods.

Bonus: Planetarium.


There is nothing more romantic than look the stars, but if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the winter cold won’t let you enjoy this beautiful spectacle. Instead, visit a planetarium for a fabulous night-time view of the sky.

Are you ready for this Valentine’s Day? Still don’t know how to surprise your partner? What you think about our post: How To Get A Fabulous Valentine’s Day On A Tight Budget. Comment!

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