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The Shard of London, designed by renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano, is the highest skyscraper in Western Europe with its 309 meters (1,014 ft) high and 87 floors. Since 2012, the year of its inauguration just a few days before London Olympic Games were inaugurated too, is one of the most visited attractions in London.

the shard of london

The Shard of London offers probably the most beautiful view over London. 360 degrees of excitement in a real journey to the top, because the fast elevator (which runs about 6 meters per second) is also part of the experience: inside it a screen is playing a video with images of the ascent as if the elevator had no walls. In a few seconds, you get the Panoramic Floor of the Shard located between floor 68 and 72, the doors open and you find yourself in a floor which is viable in all its 4 sides with large glass windows designed to provide a 360-degree view of London. For the first few minutes you’ll probably suffer a bit of dizziness, but do not worry, it goes away quickly. From this floor with a short staircase, you come to another level where the main difference from the one behind it is that part of it, it is open air and during sunny days there are some chairs for relaxing.

view from the shard

The cost of the ticket is £ 24.95 if bought the day before online or £ 29.95 on the same day, £ 19.95 for students and £ 18.95 for children. For information and to buy tickets online this is the official website of The Shard

Curiosity: During the construction of the skyscraper, on its seventy-second floor was found a fox. It is thought to have survived thanks to food and water justify by the workers who would have glimpsed it a long time before the discovery.

The name of Shard is due to its innovative shape, like a wedge to the sky.

The restaurants of the Shard, London

The Shard of London is the center of wide food offer and actually a point of reference in London for cuisine.

On the floor 31 is located Aqua Shard which serves traditional British cuisine with an innovative twist.

Located on the 32nd floor is Oblix restaurant which offers a sophisticated urban dining with a menu designed by chef Rainer Becker, cooked with the skewer, charcoal grill and wood-fired ovens.

Reaching the floor 33 you’ll find the Hutong restaurant which offers typical dishes in northern China.

At floor 35 is the Ting, which in Chinese means the living room; its furnishings certainly does not disprove its name. About 135 meters high, the views of London is fantastic and its menu features modern European cuisine with an Asian touch.

Hotel in the Shard

If would you like to sleep in the clouds at The Shard you’ll find also a hotel, the Shangri-La hotel at the Shard.

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How to get there

Closest metro station is to The Shard is London Bridge.

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