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Are you visiting Barcelona for your holidays?  Discover all the spots of this fabulous city through the Best Routes around Barcelona on a Segway.

Summer has arrived that is clear, and if you have decided to spend your holidays in Spain, more specifically in Barcelona, you should know that the weather is hot and humid, so the best approach is to enjoy the city and visit the most famous sights on a Segway!

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities not just in Spain, but also in the world. Perhaps, it’s because of its fantastic architecture or probably due to the fantastic leisure offer. In any case, Barcelona does not disappoint anyone is a city that offers to its visitor’s everything they are looking for: Fiesta, Playa, and The Most fantastic sights.

Barcelona at night

You can visit Barcelona in any season of the year, but when this city is more alive than ever is during the summer, visit now this wonderful town and be part of the vibrant life that surrounds Barcelona during this magical time of the year.

On this post, you will be able to read the best routes around Barcelona on a Segway so you can discover every corner of this incredible and magnificent city.

Best Routes around Barcelona

The Barcelona Segway day experience is just a fantastic way to visit the city, you will spend less time going from one place to other, and as you will have a guide, you will get to know better the city you are visiting.

Plaça de la Merce

In case you have never used a Segway before, don’t worry you will have the chance to receive a lesson for beginners at the moment you book it, without an extra cost, once you know how it works you can start your journey!

First Route: Beach and Park (30 mins approx)

The meeting point of this excursion is “Plaça de la Mercè” and is a very quick tour, but doesn’t mean that is a bad visit, this tour is perfect if you have few time to visit this fantastic city.

You have the chance to visit the Monument of Christopher Columbus, Barceloneta beach, and the Ciutadella Park.

Best Routes Barcelona, Parc Ciutadella

This park is one of the main lungs of Barcelona; there you will find beautiful green areas, a fountain and the zoo of Barcelona. After visiting the park, you will also have the chance to visit the fantastic Gothic Neighborhood of Barcelona.

Is an excellent tour which allows you to see important landmarks, and is perfect if you don’t have too much time.

Second Route: Port Vell and surrenders. (90 mins approx)

At this route, you have the chance to visit deeper the Port Vell, also allows you to see the Maremagnum and the waterfront area. Later on continuing the ride up to The W Hotel, this hotel with a particular construction has become an important element of the city, and also the most fantastic place to enjoy the stunning views of the sunset by the beach.

Barcelona best routes, W Hotel

In the way back to Plaça de la Mercè, you will have the chance to visit the park of Barceloneta and also a fascinating landmark like The old post office building in Barcelona

Third Route: Port Vell, Barceloneta and Port Olympic (2hrs ride approx).

On this ride, you will visit the Port Vell, and one of the most iconic sightseeing of Barcelona which is Christopher Columbus Monument.

Barcelona best routes, Christopher Columbus

After that, you will continue your excursion at the Port Vell and by the waterfront area, until you will arrive at the famous beach of “Barceloneta”; a wonderful area where you will find the impressive W Hotel, place where you will be a witness of stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Continue the ride to reach the “Port Olympic”; built for the Olympic Games of 1992, at this place you have the chance to enjoy a ride around The Olympic Villa.

picture by Moyan Brenn on Flickr

On the way back you will also visit the Park of Barceloneta, a green open space that allows you to see the greener face of the Capital of Modernism.

This is a fantastic option to approach to the Catalan capital and obviously a great chance to going around these important sights of the “Ciutat Comtal.”  Those are one of the Best Routes around Barcelona.

The experience is fantastic! And you will get to visit the iconic old quarter of Barcelona and surroundings. Some enterprises offer you the option to book private tours and flexibility to prepare a different route just for you and your family.  To further information regarding these fantastic routes you can visit Barcelona Segway Day Tours.

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