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Every time we think about Asturias we think of: green hills, pure nature, and peaceful environment. Due to all these reasons, Woody Allen fell in love with this region of northern Spain. The people from this area will make you feel welcome from the beginning of your trip, the character of the Asturians is hospitable; and the culinary options of Asturias are unbeatable!

Asturias has a lot to offer to all its visitors. It is a destination, especially, cultural, but also invites relaxation thanks to the many small towns that forms it. A good idea to discover all the Asturian Magic is to immerse yourself among the lush and vast mountains of Asturias!


Between sea and mountains, Asturias awaits you. The nature, variety of landscapes, the rich cultural heritage of this region in the north of Spain will leave you speechless. Do you dare to travel to this lovely land?

The greatness of simplicity of Asturias

There is no doubt that one of the best tours of Asturias is its Romanesque art tour. The Romanesque Art is an original architectural style, unique in the world, mixed with stunning aesthetic simplicity and highly innovative for the time. Without going any further, there are many architectural expressions of the VIII and X century classified as world heritage by UNESCO. 

The city of Oviedo and its surroundings offer you the opportunity to admire the most representative samples of this art style, like the churches of San Julián of Prados, Santa Maria del Naranco, San Miguel de Lillo and Santa Cristina de Lena.


Asturian cities you will admire

The interior of Asturias offers a wonderful area: the shrine of Covadonga, Picos de Europa National Park. Back on the coast, you will succumb to the charm of the old town of Aviles or the luxurious hotels in Cangas de Onis.

Not to mention the city of Gijon, where you can find, among other attractions, the Roman Baths, the district of Cimadevilla Botanical Garden and Atlantic Laboral, a massive cultural complex.


Much of the cultural heritage of Asturias goes back to the prehistory as this area is famous for its numerous caves and cave paintings. For example, La Peña de Candamo, El Pinal and Covaciella Llonín, all of them have been declared a World Heritage Site. 

In conclusion, you’ll enjoy a great artistic richness, visiting some of these monuments and contemplating their reproductions, as the Prehistoric Park of Teverga. 

The tourism and leisure in Asturias

The call to tourism activities are another facet of Asturias you should not miss; among them, the Sella, which is a world famous event linking sport to distraction. Don’t miss the possibility to assist to one of the most famous food festivals like the Festival of cider and Cabrales, where you have the opportunity to taste the typical products of the area.


Another interesting sight-seeing option in this region of northern Spain is the coast: in fact, there are numerous beach hotels in Asturias, perfectly prepared for a perfect holiday between sea, mountains, and nature in one of the most beautiful spots of the Iberian Peninsula.

Go ahead! And visit Asturias! Do you recommend us somewhere else to visit?

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