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The long working hours, responsibilities and daily routine hinder find time to spend with family. The timing of the holiday becomes an ideal opportunity to strengthen family ties and enjoy children. A Family trip is an excellent opportunity to explore and discover fascinating cities such as Barcelona.

Barcelona a city that doesn’t need an introduction, the fabulous capital of Modernism is always reinventing its own tourism to a point that what began as an architectural jewel has become a beautiful city with unique sights and fantastic attractions perfect for holidays with your friends, family or why not on your own.

Start travelling with your kids since they are small will make them citizens of the world, growing in valuing diversity, learning from other cultures and ways of life and Barcelona due to its international and multicultural character will provide you those experiences and much more.

Before jumping to the adventure, you should take a look to a nice place to stay. If you are travelling to Barcelona with your kids, the best option is to consider a good accommodation close to the main venues of the city at the same time that offers you space and comfort, in this sense, booking a luxury apartments in Barcelona will provide you not only the comfort but also excellent location close to the most important areas of the City of Counts.

Come and discover the majestic capital of modernism through the following attractions:

Stunning views in Park Güell and Tibidabo


The best way to start your journey could be at the famous Park Guell and Tibidabo amusement park; both are located on the top of the city. These two places offer not only breathtaking views of the city, also fun and entertainment for the entire family.

Stroll along the Ramblas to the Port:

Las Ramblas is a lively area of the city centre, always crowded with tourists, human figures, musicians who delight all the visitors with their performances.

At the end of Las Ramblas you will find the port of Barcelona and if you walk a little further you will arrive to the Maritime Museum.

The journey cannot be more complete Las Ramblas and the nearby areas are fantastic places to be witness of the diversity of cultures we mention before.

A visit to the largest Mediterranean themed aquarium:


The Aquarium of Barcelona is a fantastic place to spend a good day in family. The best part of it is the underwater tunnel, where you and your kids can walk along sharks and numerous fishes swimming over your head! Isn’t great?

Besides, in this place your kids can learn more about how to preserve marine life and the importance of it, holidays doesn’t mean they cannot learn while having fun…

The Zoo:

Located in the beautiful Parque de la Ciudadela, The zoo of Barcelona is an attraction for everyone! The zoo is home to more than 4000 animals of all kinds and sizes. There are many attractions for kids like pony rides, dolphin shows as well as play areas.

Adventures at the Barcelona Bosc Urbà:



This park counts with unique attractions such as zip wires, bungee cords and much more! There are many circuits with different levels, making the perfect spot to visit if you are travelling with teenagers.

This is only a small list of fantastic things to do in the City of Counts. Barcelona counts with a vast number of activities to enjoy with your family and kids. Certainly, this destination is one of the best places in Spain for you and your family.

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