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Norwich, located in the English county of Norfolk is a must-visit place for anyone wanting to enjoy the experience of being transported to a medieval destination; Norwich is famous because here you can find the most complete medieval town in England, showing an architectural legacy of incalculable value.

Without dismissing the tourist value of London, England offers us many fascinating destinations, entirely different places full of beauty that can provide us a unique experience. England gives us places full of peace and calm that often is what we are looking for, to enjoy our holidays with the purpose of renewing the energy that sometimes we have lost, as a result of work, study, routine or have performed strenuous activities.

What to see

The old city center is bordered on the north by the River Wensum. There is a River Walk that you can follow in every season of the year. It meanders through some open grassland, flower gardens and underneath the shade of trees. It follows the course of the river and leads you to Cow Tower, part of the old medieval fortifications of the city. Norwich also offers some excellent clubs to dance and have an unforgettable night, for those who are attracted by the music and have fun with friends

Norwich also offers the advantage of having malls and other establishments and is considered the best place in the UK for shopping, providing fashionable local and imported clothes and food.

Norwich is a city where you can see the past, present, and future all at once. You cannot fail to ignore the famous cathedral of Norwich which has been dominating the skyline for almost a thousand years. Entering the temple is a fascinating experience with its wealth of art, culture, and spirituality

How to get to Norwich

Norwich, is just an hour and forty minutes, traveling by train, from London. But, the city is home to an international airport so you can fly directly to this town. KLM have direct flights to Norwich, so if you are traveling from Barcelona, your best option is to book a flight to Stanstead, at the Airport you will find a counter for the bus that takes you directly to Norwich.

It is accessible by its proximity to London where it is connected by train, bus or flying directly to the airport. It is interesting because it combines fun, culture, physical activity, shopping and more. As can be seen, England is so much more than just London; you can visit Norwich, which is a versatile destination because you can develop different activities, according to the interests of each person. Who visits Norwich will always want to repeat! Guaranteed.

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