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Discover the Cocktail culture in the top Cocktail Bars in Barcelona

Since the Olympics games in 1992 Barcelona has completely changed his face and nowadays is one of the trendy’s cities of the world. The Catalan capital is the perfect combination of a lively and vibrant city in combination with the most trendy and cool movements of Europe. Barcelona is a city associated with modernism and design, a creative place always up to date, and the proof is the number of cocktail bars in Barcelona we found spread throughout the city.

Cocktail Bars in BarcelonaCocktails are fashionable and the cocktail culture is just beginning to blossom, after the Gin Tonic boom about two years ago, the people’s mind have already changed and they are looking for more premium drinks. In Barcelona it’s possible to find prestigious cocktail bars with many years of experience behind the bar. Cocktails are always associated with bartenders and how they prepare the cocktail, with hours of detailed preparation and with an arsenal of gadgets to make the best cocktail of the city. The cocktail culture is like an art and is always worth a look. Barcelona is making a fast approaching to the cocktail culture and is not far away from cocktail meccas such as San Francisco, London, New York or Tokyo.

Best cocktail bars in Barcelona:

Dry Martini – (Aribau, 162)

Located in l’Eixample Esquerra, we will find Dry Martini, one of the best cocktail bars of Barcelona, and recognized internationally as the third best gin bar in the world. Opened over 30 years ago by Pere Carbonell, the bar still maintains the English style of a cocktail bar. At the beginning it was just a Martineria although currently we can find all kinds of cocktails, from the classics to the most innovative and exclusive, where Dry Martini continues to be the best specialty.

Dry Martini Barcelona
Dry Martini in Barcelona

Boca Chica – (Passeig de la Concepció, 12)

Also located in l’Eixample, Boca Chica is the mixology of Boca Grande Restaurant. Boca Chica is considered one of the most exclusive places of Barcelona, the place where we only could find high quality alcohol. The decor is also worth mentioning, far from the classic cocktail bars, not leaving us indifferent. Boca Chica is a place to taste the best cocktails in the city and where we could also dance with the dj session.

Boca Chica Barcelona
Boca Chica Cocktail Bar in Barcelona

Ideal Cocktail Bar – (Aribau , 89)

Founded in 1931, Ideal Cocktail Bar also located in l’Eixample remains a benchmark in the cocktail culture of Barcelona. The cocktail bar was opened following the aesthetic and essence of the best bars in the European cities. Today Ideal has retained its decor English style. Ideal has a large menu of cocktails always offering to his customers a special and distinctive touch. The bartenders have the ability to guess what cocktail you need.

Ideal Cocktail Bar Barcelona
Ideal Cocktail Bar in Barcelona

Negroni Cocktail Bar – (Joaquín Costa , 46)

The Negroni Cocktail Bar is located in the Raval in the city center of Barcelona. Negroni is a cocktail bar with a contemporary and modern style, much more different from the classic cocktail bars décor in wood. They don’t have a cocktail menu but after a short conversation with your bartender they will offer the best cocktail for you. Negroni has become one of the trendy cocktail bars in Barcelona.

Negroni Cocktail Barcelona
Negroni Cocktail Bar in Barcelona

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