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Away from the famous sun and beach destinations of the Caribbean that in August have the high demand for lovers of large holiday resorts, there is an extensive sand coast where everyone has room. We talked about the stunning beaches of Bulgaria in the Black Sea. The almost 400 kilometres of Bulgarian coast is one of the summer secrets of Europe, with more than 70 beaches of golden sand still little crowded, low prices and places of a natural and cultural richness. In the shadow of the “classic” European Coasts of Spain, Greece, Italy, France and Croatia, Bulgaria’s “sun and beach” offer has grown substantially in recent years.

The Bulgarian Coast is dotted not only with beautiful beaches but also cosy villages, historical landmarks and much more. In addition to its attractions and lovely beaches, Bulgaria is perfect for those with a tight budget, as it’s the cheapest country in the European Union. Do you want to explore a beautiful location dotted with lovely beaches and top attractions? If so, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy fabulous and cheap holidays to Bulgaria.

Cheap Holidays to Bulgaria


The town of Nessebar is located on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in the province of Burgas. It’s known as “The Pearl of the Black Sea” or “Bulgarian Dubrovnik”. Nessebar is one of the oldest populations in Europe, dating back to more than 3,200 years. The ancient city is situated on a narrow peninsula linked to the mainland via an isthmus. In 1983 Nessebar was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List for its unique and historical buildings.

Next to Nessebar is “Slunchev Briag”, or Sunny Beach. The beach is a wide bay of 10 km and stands out for its powdery golden sand. Thanks to its clean environment, Sunny Beach was awarded Blue Flag in 2011.


Obviously, the capital of Bulgaria is Sofia, but Varna is the largest city on the Bulgarian coast, hence it’s known as the “Sea Capital” of Bulgaria. Varna is a very important commercial port and also has an international airport. The city is perfect for those looking for a metropolitan flair to go along with the perfect beach holidays. Varna offers the perfect plan for your holidays: Beautiful beaches perfect for soak up the sun during the morning and top cultural attractions to keep your afternoon busy.


Obzor is a small town situated on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, just halfway between Varna and Burgás. It belongs to the municipality of Nessebar and to the province of Burgás. It has only 2,000 inhabitants, but in recent years, during July and August, its population is multiplied by ten, as tourists from many countries come to spend their holidays (mainly Russian and Scandinavian).

The main attraction is the large and beautiful beach of Obzor, it’s said that is the longest in Bulgaria, with fine golden sand and clean water. It’s still not as crowded as other beaches on the coast, and although August is the busiest month, you can still unroll the towel without being attached to the neighbour.


cheap holidays to Bulgaria

This coastal town was also founded thousands of years ago and has had many names, the best known, perhaps, Apollonia. It has many points in common with Nessebar, for example, a beautiful old town on a peninsula and Renaissance houses. Sozopol has two beaches: Harmanite and Central.

Central Beach is the most popular one, thanks to its convenient location very close to the town. Nevertheless, if you want to spend your cheap holidays to Bulgaria during the summer, we suggest you visiting Harmani Beach. Harmani is wider and larger and can be an excellent option to soak up the sun, especially during the busiest months, when the central beach is crowded. Both beaches are beautiful and free and both offer umbrella and sun beds for a small fee.

Are you ready for your Cheap Holidays to Bulgaria? If so, don’t miss the opportunity to discover the best Beaches of Bulgaria. Have you ever been to this lovely country? Comment!

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